Technical studies
Biogas plants with flexible tank

A biogas plant set-up starts with a technical study to determine if all criteria gathered to achieve a viable and cost-effective plant. The study is led by engineers and technicians of Arcbiogaz who will ensure the follow-up from A to Z.

Amongst factors taken into account for the feasibility of the project, we can retain:

etudes technique methanisation

and quality.

The first step is to study quantity and quality of the available substrate (animal manure, sweetcorn waste, etc.) to assess the feasibility of the project.


It’s necessary to study on site where to set up the biogas unit including a hopper to stock inputs, a pre-tank, one or two digesters, and most of the time a cogenerator and a storage space for digestate.


Our first aim is profitability. Biogas potential production has to match biogas plant power. A study carried out in advance is essential.

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