Installation and automation
of biogas plants

Arcbiogaz sets up biogas unit for farm. Beforehand location is identified during the technical study.

On site, made ready in advance, Arcbiogaz sets up various equipments: digesters, inputs and digestatesmanagement, plant room and automation.

Remember our installation is «concrete-free», our tanks are made of flexible plastic; biogas unit is conceived to be fully taken apart at any time.

Inputs management.

Is guaranteed by a hopper meant to stock solid inputs. Liquid inputs are pumped out. An endless screw rises solids inside a pre-tank.

A stainless steel pre-tank stirs substrate with liquid matter. Built on counterweights, the pre-tank measures and records inputs to keep substrate liquid enough. Substrate is then injected in the digester.


A digester contains digestate and biogas, all is kept inside a tank, hermetic to liquid as well as gas, and is hard-wearing to corrosion (much better than concrete and even stainless steel). Digestate is stirred and heated up with a subfloor heating.

Arcbiogaz’s procedure ensures a good biogas output (an excellent methane potential, noticed by ADEME). Substrate feeding is regulated according to the production of gas: all produced biogas is used. The whole procedure is guided by an automaton.

Digestate management.

Downstream of biogas, digestate is automatically sent to storage. The type and amount of storage is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Valuation of biogas.

Takes place most of the time through a cogenerator, heat engine transformed biogas into electrical and thermal energy. Valuation in injection inside gas network is also possible when conditions gathered.

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