An innovative solution:
Biogas plant for small and medium-sized farms

Technology that consists of turning manure into «clean energy» to be exploited is not new. On the other hand, a true revolution on the market of biogas plants, is to be able to equip in a cost-effective way small and medium-sized farms, thanks to a process developed by Arcbiogaz.

The company worked mainly on optimizing the installation cost: no concrete, but reinforced PVC tanks and mixers designed and produced in our own workshops.

These installations well-integrated in their environment are easily taken apart, modular and can be extended.

Finally, the operational maintenance contract, compulsory for the first five years, guarantees an optimum operation and profitability.


Biogas plant profitability

Power from which Arcbiogaz can usually set up an economically profitable biogas plant. Each case is different: don’t hesitate to contact us.


Commitment & performance

This is the minimum length of time during which Arcbiogaz is committed to guarantee the best conditions of operation of your biogas plant.

Installation biogaz

Biogas plants with flexible tank

Arcbiogaz is the only manufacturer to offer biogas plants with flexible tank.

To reduce the investment cost and the environmental effect, Arcbiogaz chose to replace the traditional concrete tank with a flexible tank in reinforced PVC.

A low cost set-up, lightweight, quickly to put in place and well integrated in the landscape.

Gaec Lapourcal

Biogas, a natural phenomenon

Biogas is a natural phenomenon: bacteria in manure break down organic matters by fermentation.

This breakdown produced by biogas is mainly made of methane and CO2.

Our biogas plants purpose is to exploit this natural phenomenon in the best technical and economical possible conditions. The good performance of our installations has been noticed by ADEME (call for projects small biogas for farm).

Biogas: glossary

Biogas by-product. Its fertilizing value is the same as the incoming substrate, before biogas: it’s rich in nitrogen, consistent and above all, odourless. Some will say there is a light smell of humus.

Digestate, when liquid, is stoked in flexible tanks, near the set-up. It can be spread on pastures and fields.

Gas is obtained by fermentation of biomass without oxygen. It contains on average 55% of methane and 45% of C02.

Whole of organic matters incoming into biogas plant: farming’s effluent, plant biomass, crop waste etc.). Biogas output depends on quality and quantity of substrate.

Valuation of biogas in a heat engine works thanks to combustion of biogas creating thermal and electrical energy.

Injection of biomethane
Valuation of methane by purge of biogas, then injection in gas distribution network; presumed the network is nearby and the possibility to inject all the methane produced, particularly in summer.


Simple and innovative, easy to use, well-integrated and automated biogas plants

A cost-effective and environmental investment

At last a cost-effective set-up with your own inputs, even at average power. An investment that will secure your farm for a long period of time (contract with guaranteed price in injection for 15 years and 20 years in cogeneration) and contribute to reduce the greenhouse effect.

A sensible

A reduced size and a low impact on site help the project being accepted by the neighbourhood as well as banks. We are here to guide you through all the steps.

The lowest price on the market

From 5 000 € per kWe set up. Made possible with our «concrete-free» approach.

A modular design of installation

A range of options can adapt your installation to your needs.

Set-up can easily and quickly being extended. This is key, as experience shows a majority of farms wish to grow in power after a few years.


Do you have a farm biogas plant project?

Contact us to discuss your project in detail…

Long-term commitments

Arcbiogaz is committed to its customers in the long term by offering a viable, efficient, economical and environmental plan. A team of engineers will look after the installation to ensure an optimum reactivity.

Research &

Arcbiogaz, it’s a dedicated team of engineers and technicians carrying on its work on research and development in order to make biogas plant the economic and environmental solution to the whole of the farming industry.

Support for
a length of time.

Arcbiogaz is committed towards its customers during the first five years, to find and maintain a technical balance that will guarantee an optimum financial viability. The operational maintenance contract, asked for the first five years, is renewable.

& responsive.

The company has to be close to the set-up to guarantee a reactive maintenance. Other areas in France will be equipped with Arcbiogaz biogas plants by our dedicated distributors like Méthalac (north and east).