Expert in biogas plants
with flexible tank

Arcbiogaz company offers absolutely innovative biogas plants, allowing from now on for small and medium-sized farms to be equipped.

Arcbiogaz has developed a biogas plant set up within the farm, depending only on its own substrate, which is cost-effective from 75 kWe and perfectly well-integrated in its environment.

Arcbiogaz is a 100% French company based in Lot-et-Garonne; its products are distributed in the south-west, north and east of France


French company

from 75 kWe

Through Arcbiogaz process, small farms can have their own biogas unit. Quality and quantity of inputs influenced the installation’s power and profitability. A lower power is possible: contact-us.

& modularity

Arcbiogaz biogas plants are made of reinforced PVC (concrete-free).

Modular and which can be taken apart if required, the installation can quickly adjust to growingneeds.

& ecology

Biogas is the most efficient and environmentally friendly process to reduce the greenhouse effect by farms.

& support

Arcbiogaz, it’s an expertise and a dedicated team who will guide you, from feasibility study to optimisation of your installation, then for the first five years at least.

Our commitments

At Arcbiogaz, we are convinced biogas plants will make farming in France viable. How? By ensuring stable additional incomes, non-indexed to agricultural random prices. This focus on the future represents an investment over several years, however the size of the farm.

This is the reason why Arcbiogaz made the choice to commit itself to its customers through an operational maintenance contract of five years which cannot be reduced and is renewable. A commitment implying proximity, reactivity and autonomy.


Arcbiogaz deliberately linked to the sale of their biogas plants an operational maintenance contract for a length of 5 years minimum. A contract to secure our installations and their cost-effective rate.


To be responsive and regular in our maintenance, Arcbiogaz operates on a local market covering currently the south-west and north-east of France.


This is the third key of our commitment. Mixers (propellers) found in the pre-tank and digester, are made by our technicians in our workshops. Arcbiogaz does not depend on suppliers, repairs its own parts and knows how to develop them when necessary.

Our areas
of intervention

We are committed to delivering a perfect operation of our biogas units for a minimum of 5 years, therefore we have to be able to act quickly on site.

Where to find our biogas plants with flexible tank?
We are based and operational in the following two areas:


The company is based in Lot-et-Garonne (47260) and acts directly for its customers in all the south-west area.

North and east

In the north-east of France, we can act through our distributor and partner Méthalac.

A team of experts
in biogas


Jean-Marie Faure

Founder of Arcbiogaz and engineer in renewable energies.

Arcbiogaz is a French family-run company, specialized in renewable energies. Founded in 2010 by Jean-Marie Faure, engineer in renewable energies (thermal sensor) then banker. Joined by his son Benoit also trained as engineer (capture and storage of CO2). Between 2010 and 2014, the company worked on research, to develop and create a type of biogas plant that would be cost-effective for small and medium-sized farms. In 2013, the first prototype of flexible tank is produced.In 2014, first installations are introduced. Nowadays, the company is booming, has a team of engineers, technicians and a production workshop where mixers are entirely designed and produced.

«In 2013, the first prototype of flexible tank is produced».

The company designs and sells its biogas plants. But, in order to meet a growing demand in the north and east of France, and to continue to offer a local service, its biogas plants delivery in this area is handled by Méthalac.